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  •  Discover the latest concussion information in Dr DeWitt's webinar CONCUSSION CLASS
  •  Improve your vision naturally with the Clearer Vision Challenge!
  •  Nutrition for optimal brain health
  •  20 foods for clearer vision
  •  Goal setting for those looking to focus
  •  How Stem Cells are changing medicine!
Discover how the brain is effected by mTBI and what you can do to protect yourself. Utilize 12 years of professional football experience to see how contact sports will move forward. Clicking the image will take you to 
Most people wait until they think everything is perfect before they TAKE ACTION. This book reveals how imperfect action really CAN change your life. Clicking the image will take you to 
The amazing regenerative abilities of Stem Cells! Discover how you can tap into your 
OWN stem cells to heal arthritis! Clicking the image will take you to 
Cerebral blood flow can decrease by up to 50% after an mTBI. Utilize nootropic herbs such as Gingko Biloba and Vinpocetine to remedy this problem. Omega 3 fatty acids strengthen cell membranes to optimize brain health as well. 
Concussion Class
  •  Discover the latest on concussion assessment
  •  Learn what you can do to protect your child from traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  •  Know the importance of baseline testing and how to utilize it in youth sports
  •  The role of proper nutrition is vital to optimizing brain health and preventing progressive damage to the brain.
Glasses are a crutch that prevent us from ever restoring the true, natural vision we deserve. Discover the techniques of Dr. WIlliam H. Bates in this modern version of his teachings. Clicking the image will take you to 
The foods we eat really do matter! Discover how certain foods can decrease your chances of cataracts and the recently discovered benefit of blueberries and vision. Includes over 50 recipes! Clicking the image will take you to 
Chiropractic care focuses on the nervous system. Optimizing the connection between the brain and body will optimize vision. Backed by actual case studies!  Clicking the image will take you to 
The last vision supplement you will ever need. Relax to Clarity All in One includes potent, all natural, ingredients that optimize your vision regardless of your condition. 
Clearer Vision Challenge
  •  Take the clearer vision challenge and improve your vision naturally
  •  Unique, eye-specific exercises can change the shape of the eyeball itself and optimize vision
  • Even nutrition can effect vision. Discover the magical effects of everyday foods, such as blueberries, and how they effect vision.
  •  Hydration, and how it effects vision, is critical.  
  •  Over 2 and a half hours of critical information
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